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From: The IM Wealth Builders Team
Subject: How To Double Your Social Traffic In 7 Seconds Or Less

Social sharing is quickly becoming one of the most important factors when Google and other search engines consider how high your blog should rank.

To put it simply... The more people sharing your content the more important you look to Google.

And every time someone shares one of your blog posts you get a backlink right?

That part is actually wrong!

And I'll show you why in a bit - but first we have to talk a little bit about Facebook.

Most people think that Facebook is the biggest social sharing site in the world - and of course it is...

But at the same time Facebook only accounts for 25% of all Social sharing on the internet!

So what's the biggest method of social sharing?

The answer surprised me at first - but after thinking about it - it made perfect sense.

There are about 1 billion people in the world with a Facebook account - but what is the single tool that every internet user has?

The answer is of course... an email account - and that's why:

Email Is The The Internet's Original Sharing Tool & Email Is Still #1 - Totally Dominating Social Sharing!

And as I said, when you think about it, this makes perfect sense...

Before there was a Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social sharing site like that - people would share web content by mailing it to each other.

Often people would forward those emails to more friends and this was how viral marketing was originally born.

Old habits die hard...

And even with the birth of sites like Facebook - email is still the number 1 way people share content on the internet.

Just think about this for a second...

We all have at least one of those "annoying" friends who insist on forwarding you every single joke or interesting article they ever receive via email!

Just look at this screenshot...

This was just one simple campaign that had the option to share the content via Twitter, Facebook or email. As you can see email was the overwhelming winner.

And this is not an isolated case - In fact...

Up To 70% Of All Social Sharing Is Done Via Email Vs Only 25% On Facebook

Yeah that I thought so too...

That's an awful lot of traffic you are missing out on!

And as I said - old habits die hard...

Now, even the invention of social sharing sites like Facebook, people are still copy and pasting when they share there too!

They are copy and pasting to share your blog content on forums, on Facebook, on Twitter, on their own blogs and of course via email.

You've put blood, sweat and tears into creating that content - or have paid through the nose for writers or plugins to generate the content for you.

The least you would expect is a link back with a chance for some referral traffic when people share your content.

But unfortunately you get none of that

Until now that is...

Because we set out to create a solution to this problem and what we came up with was a slight change to the old adage...

For Every 1 Visitor Who Uses Your Social Sharing Buttons 90 Will Have Shared Your Content By Copy & Pasting!

That's right...

Not only is email the preferred way of sharing - People do it by cutting and pasting your content!

And of course when they do - you get no benefit whatsoever.

You get no backlinks - no referral traffic - no nothing!

Recent stats have shown that...

Up To 6% Of All Visits To Your Site Results In A Copy & Paste Share You Get Zero Credit For!

Yeah that I thought so too...

That's an awful lot of traffic you are missing out on!

And as I said - old habits die hard...

Now, even the invention of social sharing sites like Facebook, people are still copy and pasting when they share there too!

They are copy and pasting to share your blog content on forums, on Facebook, on Twitter, on their own blogs and of course via email.

You've put blood, sweat and tears into creating that content - or have paid through the nose for writers or plugins to generate the content for you.

The least you would expect is a link back with a chance for some referral traffic when people share your content.

But unfortunately you get none of that

Until now that is...

Because we set out to create a solution to this problem and what we came up with was a slight change to the old adage...

If You Can't Beat Them Join Them...

Make Them Work For You!

At first I got angry learning that people were copy and pasting my content, sharing it without giving me credit and links.

We thought about creating a plugin that would prevent this.

But then I calmed down and realized that...

People wanting to share my content is always a good thing!

And if up to 70% of them prefer to do it via copy and pasting... and I don't get credit for it - then that is my own fault... not them stealing!

You'd want those 70% to keep doing what they are doing - you just want to make sure they include your link.

We wanted to create a simple plugin that would automatically detect when people copy something from your blog...

And when they then paste the copied content into email, Facebook or whatever - the plugin should automatically include a link back to you

That's exactly what we set out to create (and then some!) - and thus Covert Copy Traffic was born.

So without further ado..

Let's Take A Look At How The Covert Copy Traffic Plugin Works... And What It Can Do For You!

First of all... If you haven't done so already... I highly recommend that you watch the video above, where I give a completely walkthrough demo of how this powerful plugin works.

But if you prefer to read...

Covert Copy Traffic is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress plugin. That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

In fact as soon as you have installed and activated the plugin it will already be working on your blog - without you having to do anything else!

The 7 seconds mentioned in the headline was not a cheap gimmick - we do mean that very literally!

So lets look at an example of what this powerful plugin does...

Here's a screenshot of of my blogs - notice the big sharing buttons right there!

As we now know up to 70% of the people of the people wanting to share that content will ignore those buttons - and instead mark and copy the text like I did here:

Then they would paste the copied text into email or some other source - and I would get nothing from it!

But because I have the Covert Copy Traffic plugin installed - some clever "magic" happens behind the scenes...

And when they go to paste the content into their email or Facebook - this happens...

Notice how the Covert Copy Traffic plugin automatically inserted my text and the link to the post the content was copied from!

Now whenever people copy and paste my content to Facebook, Twitter, forums or other places I automatically gain a backlink and more traffic.

And more importantly - since we know email is the number 1 sharing method...

When people email this to a friend - It might get forwardes, potentially going viral

My link and text will be in all those emails - simply because I took the 7 seconds to install this game changing plugin!

And this is what the plugin does automatically, right out of the box without the need to change any settings!

But of course we gave you options to completely customize your links and text - as you see in the screenshot below...

You can...

  • Change the text appearing before your link. You have unlimited space here - and you can even leave it blank if you only want to show a link.
  • You get full control over what link you want included when people copy and paste from your site.
  • You can link to the individual sites the content was copied from (great for deep links and targeted traffic).
  • You can choose to link your blog's home page (great if you are trying to rank the front page or get traffic there).
  • You can link to any website - this could for example be an affiliate link (a great way to profit from social sharing).
  • You can even choose not to use any links, if you just want the text to appear.
  • You decide if you want your attribution (text and link) to show above or below the copy-pasted content.
  • And finally you can set a minimum number of copied words required before the plugin activates your magic (if you set it to zero it will kick in if they copy as much as a blank space from your site!)

That was the "under the hood" look at how the plugin works and how easy it is to use.

And even though this is so simple to install and use a 5 year old could do it...

This Strategy Works Like Crazy And Here's Why...

We already know that most people share content via email, and almost all of them do so by copy and pasting.

By using this plugin, you are not trying to get people to change their habits.

You'd be quite happy to sit back and let them continue doing what they have always done...

Because now you reap the benefits every time someone copies and shares your content!

And the Covert Copy Traffic plugin does not interfere with your other social marketing strategies in any way.

It simply comes in and mops up all the links and traffic you were missing out on before.

Here's an example for you using the text from the screenshots above...

If people click the share button on that site and choose Facebook - it would post there as normal and all would be peachy.

But again - we now know that a huge chunk of them will copy and paste your content into Facebook and normally this would leave you with nothing.

Now with Covert Copy Traffic this happens when they paste your content into Facebook...

As you can see, the link back to your site is automatically included here too!

Using technology like this is so powerful in generating links and traffic that would otherwise have been lost...

That major companies like:

  • NBC
  • National Geographic
  • The New York Post
  • The Sun
  • And The Daily Mail

All use this strategy on their websites!

And we can certainly see why - because we have found that...

Blogs With Covert Copy Traffic Installed Get More Social Shares, More Backlinks & More Traffic Than Any Blogs Using ANY Other Social Sharing Strategies!

It stands to reason right?

If up to 70% of your current shares are done by copy pasting...

You receive Zero, Zilch, Nada from those shares.

So just by activating this plugin your stats will increase immediately!

We did - and it worked like a charm.

Bottom line...

If your blog gets just a trickle of visitors - this plugin will increase your numbers... period!

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In addition to what you have already secured with your purchase of the standard version...

The Pro version will let you take your attribution messages up a notch to make sure they really get noticed - and that your links get clicked.

Instead of just being able to enter a single line of text before your link...

You now have a full message area you can use to construct a bio box or any kind of advert you like.

Notice how you can use macros to automatically fill in stuff like: date, time, your blog's title and tagline + of course your link.

When people copy and paste from your blog, they will then get something like this:

And as you can see you are now able to craft attribution messages and links that are far more likely to catch people's attention and get them to click.

Of course it also means that you will be able to have more than one link in your attribution messages - and that can be a huge plus!

Stop The Content Thieves Dead In Their Tracks & Automatically Get A Backlink When Anyone Scrapes Your Blog!

While we came up with Covert Copy Traffic as a solution to the copy/paste problem... We started thinking about an even bigger problem. People stealing, scraping and auto-blogging your content

You see every WordPress blog has a RSS feed - and there are a bazillion plugins out there that will let people scrape your feeds and add your content to their own blogs.

And of course you will get absolutely no benefits from that...

In fact in the worst case scenario these thieving scumbags will even outrank you for your own content!

But no worries we came up with a solution for this problem too...

In the pro version you can simply check one box - and your attribution messages and links will be automatically added to your RSS feed.

We've even included a one click solution for setting an anchor text for your links - you can either use your blog's title, the title of the post being scraped or a custom anchor text.

Every time someone autoblogs your content, you will now get a backlink with a keyword rich anchor text back to your site - and this is of course great for SEO.

And it's also going to let Google know that you are the original creator of the content - making it highly unlikely that the scraper will outrank you for it.

So lets have a look at how this works...

I have turned on the syndication attribution - but if we look at this blog post, there is nothing to see there.

This is of course on purpose - you don't want your normalCovert Copy Traffic Pro blog visitors to see you attribution message.

But if we take a look at the RSS feed we can see that the message and link has been automatically inserted there...

And that means that every time someone scrapes our autoblogs from our blog - our message and backlink will be included on their blog!

This is so powerful you're actually now hoping that people will scrape your blog!

Use Covert Copy Traffic Pro On ANY Website With Our 1-Click Script Generator

Yep, I think we saved the best feature for the grand finale here :)

We don't want to limit you to only protecting your WordPress blogs with the powerful features of Covert Copy Traffic Pro!

So we have included a 1-click script generator that will easily let you put the script on ANY website.

This script generator is inside your WP-admin area when you install the plugin, so there is no extra set up involved.

You simply select your setting just like you normally would in the WP version.

Then you click one button and you get the script...

You simple paste that into your website and you're good to go.

And don't worry if you're not a techie...

You see that "Click Here For Help" link in the screenshot?

That leads to a full video tutorial showing you how to do this.

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We're going to reveal exactly how you can get your hands on this PRO version for much less than you think.

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  • Attribution Message Builder: Create Stunning Ads & Bio Boxes That Will Generate More Clicks For Your Links!
  • Powerful Macros: Use These In Your Attribution Messages To Automatically Include Links, Time, Titles Etc.
  • Add Attribution To Feeds: Automatically Include Your Attribution Message & Link To Your RSS Feed & Get Backlinks Whenever Your Blog Is Scraped!
  • Use Keyword Rich Anchor Text: Automatically Add Anchor Text To Your Feed Attribution Links For Increased SEO Benefit!
  • Use Covert Copy Traffic On Any Website: Use The 1-Click Script Generator To Easily Unleash The Power Of Covert Copy Traffic On Any Website (Not Just On Your WordPress Blogs).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is multi-site and developers license included?

A: Yes, your license code is valid for unlimited sites and domains and you can even use the plugin on sites you build for clients or on sites that you sell/flip for profit.

Q: Are there any upsells or upgrades?

A: yes there is an upsell offer available, it is another of our highly popular WordPress Plugins. However, while the upgrades are highly recommended, they are 100% optional and NOT needed in order to achieve anything listed on this page, and you are getting all the features available for this Pro version of the plugin!

Q: Can I contact you?

A: Yes, our customers and visitors are always more than welcome to submit a ticket at our helpdesk and we always aim to reply within 24 hours (and usually a LOT faster than that)

Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like the plugin?

A: Yes you can, we have a full 45 day "no questions asked" refund policy. We'll part as friends and we'll still thank you for giving us a try.

Q: Will the plugin be updated and supported going forward?

A: It sure will and you'll find that we have one of the best track records for continuously supporting, updating and improving our themes and plugins.

Q: Are there any other costs except for buying the plugin?

A: You need to have a hosting account and a domain name with WordPress on it in order to use the plugin. Other than that there is no extra cost.